Healthy Antidotes to Festive Excesses


Lack of sleep and long hours can take their toll. lf you regularly overdo things, it can heavily impact your immune system leaving you susceptible to colds and coughs.  This is where key nutrients for supporting the immune play an important role, especially Vitamin C, the mineral Zinc and herbs such as Echinacea.

Keep your energy levels up. This is where adaptogenic herbs such as Ginseng and Rhodiola can help give you that much needed boost. Green tea is also an excellent antioxidant and all-round reviver.

Watch your intake of sugars and carbs. This will also have an impact on how you feel. Regular protein foods such as fish, meat, pulses, legumes and wholegrains will help keep your blood sugar levels on a more even keel.

Overindulging: for indigestion, acid reflux and over- eating, marshmallow tea and liquorice tea are useful digestive soothers . lt is important to keep fibre going through your diet to keep the bowels regular and also to avoid any digestive issues. “Digestive enzymes can also offer support- found naturally in pineapple, papaya and kiwi fruit. A brilliant tip is to chew on fennel seeds whenever you are feeling a little too full.

Gentle herbal teas such as chamomile, fennel, and mint teas can be a godsend for the morning after the night before. Keep drinking plenty of water to support liver detoxification, and if you feel up to it, juicing vegetables such as celery, beetroot, parsley, carrot and apples will work wonders.
For headaches and hangovers keep lots of herbal teas at hand, rosemary for easing headaches with milk thistle for
supporting the liver.




Authors Name

Julie Penfold

Publication Date

December 2011

Publication Title

Your Healthy Living
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