The term Naturopathy came from a German pioneer, Benedict Lust in the early 20th Century. It literally means “natural treatment”. It is based on the ‘Nature Cure’ Philosophy (man working in harmony with the naturally evolving nature of the physical, mental and moral aspects of being). 

It is a complete system of western natural medicine that focuses on prevention and the use of non-toxic, natural therapies to promote the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms.

How Naturopathic Medicine Works

Naturopathy addresses a person’s health through extensive investigation into lifestyle, nutrition and medical history, and provides appropriate therapies and detoxification techniques. These range from the use of botanical medicine, nutrition, and combinations of various other therapies including colonic hydrotherapy and manipulation techniques such as massage. Naturopathic diagnostics of nails, skin or tongue, as well as lab tests can also be used.

Underlying principles of Naturopathic Medicine:

1. The healing power of nature (Vis Medicatrix Naturae). Given the right conditions, we have a life force (vital force) which will self-heal or self-correct.

2. Identify and treat the underlying cause (the root). Not just the symptoms (the branches).

3. We are all unique, and each person responds in a different way.

4. Treat the whole person (physically, mentally, emotionally). The mind and body are interconnected.

5. A Naturopath is an educator/teacher, there to encourage and empower the client to be in charge of their own health care choices.

6. Preventative Health. Prevention is the best cure. Positive proactive choices.

7. Establish health and wellness. Health is much more than absence of illness, it can be abundant vitality.


How Naturopathy Is Used


Eating wholesome live, bio-available foods ,organic where possible. Sourced fresh and produced/grown locally as much as possible.

Hydrotherapy (internal & external)

This includes drinking clean, filtered water. The use of external water therapy such as baths (herbal, sitz, or epsom salts). Also colonic irrigation & enemas.

Fasting & Detox

Giving the body opportunity for self-cleansing  and a break from its daily routine. Release of toxins and waste matter which have accumulated in the body over time.

Exercise & Healthy Lifestyle Choices

This includes stress management, environmental health, adequate sleep and rest, fresh clean air, mindfulness, various exercise regimes to support the body, mind and soul.