Susse Wedel

A bit about myself and my journey

After 10 years of working in London, and personally benefiting from Natural Medicine, I left a career in IT and banking to focus on helping others experience the same benefit from using Naturopathic Medicine. Modern day living is complicated and we often need support in navigating our own health issues. Having a framework to help you understand your health issues and their root cause is key. This is where I can help support your health needs. I aim to raise people’s awareness and empower clients by giving them the tools to make positive health changes whilst educating on natural health options through my practice.

I qualified as a Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Iridologist, and Herbalist from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London in 2008. I finished my training as a Colon Hydrotherapist a year later. Since my initial training with the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) in 2017, I have been working in the field of Functional Medicine.

As a Naturopath I can use a a wide variety of holistic tools to support clients health through lifestyle, stress management, detoxification, naturopathic protocols or using a range of naturopathic tools including – ear acupuncture, flower essences, homeopathy, tissue salts and supporting diagnostic therapies including Iridology, face reading, tongue and nail analysis to gather information to help identify root causes of health issues whilst supporting symptomatic relief.

I offer a wide variety of Laboratory testing for your health needs

Checking Immune status, hormonal, nutrient imbalances, digestive function and dna profiles is a daily element of my clinical practice especially for Functional Medicine and Naturopathic consultations. This can be used from allergies to arthritis, menstrual imbalances to mental health concerns and much more. To find out more call 07802 466912 or email me on


As a herbalist and nutritional therapist I often use energetic medicine which was an integral part of my training and I still like to use with clients on a constitutional level. I have deepened my knowledge of Ayurvedic practices, and Plant medicine (including: essential oils/ aromatic waters/ flower essences/ gemmotherapy) and other elements of plant medicine which remains a passion of mine.

I am also a qualified Kriya Yoga Instructor.

I have a particular interest in environmental health concerns and skin conditions alongside digestive health and Auto-Immune conditions.

Appointments that fit in with your lifestyle.

I understand how difficult it can be fitting appointments in, with work, family and social commitments. I offer afternoon, weekend and evening appointments to suit most busy schedules.

Online consultations available via phone, Skype, Zoom and email.

For further details call me on 07802 466912 or email:

Not sure which therapy fits your health needs? I offer a 10 minute free introductory consultation to help see which therapy would suit you most.

Clinic Consultations

Holistic Health
64 Broadway Market, London, E8 4QJ
07802 466912

OM Therapy
450 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AE
07802 466912

Healing Space Hackney
38 Chatsworth Road, London, E5 0LP
07802 466912


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