Feel Better In My Body

“Susse is a highly-trained Naturopath with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of holistic healing. I went to Susse with a chronic issue and by way of evaluation, treatment plans and follow-ups, she was able to help me diminish my pain and feel better in my body. I would recommend Susse to anyone looking for an expert natural health practitioner.”

Nicole Croes

Health Coach/Natural Foods Chef at Nikki's Healing Kitchen

Down-to-earth & practical advice

“I found Susse’s approach to be very practical and no-nonsense. I had visited naturopaths in the past who wanted to put me on long-term expensive treatment programs, which were difficult to understand and maintain. I felt that Susse kept it really simple, and encouraged me to address the deficiencies I was experiencing with mainly diet and lifestyle changes where possible. She gave me easy to understand information that enabled me to become more aware of how I can manage my symptoms more pro-actively. I would recommend Susse to anyone who Is looking for down-to-earth & practical advice on how to better manage their health naturally.”



Digestion and acne

“Over the last year I have worked with Susse on a number of health issues that she has helped me overcome. After discovering I had Giardia picked up from travelling India, I came to Susse with severe stomach irritation and acne.
Susse prescribed a strict diet plan and specific supplements to work in parallel with the strong Antiparasitics I was taking to kill the Giardia. She was also able to order further tests to make sure I was in the all clear following the treatment.
In addition to helping me with my diet, she also helped balance my hormones by using herbal tinctures and natural supplements. She also makes beautiful skincare products, which actually inspired me to start making my own organic skincare products”.


Interior Designer