I found the experience positive in every way

“Susse was very meticulous in deciding which sort of therapy was suitable for me. I found the experience positive in every way and sustain the realistic targets that were set for me.”



Feel Better In My Body

“Susse is a highly-trained Naturopath with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of holistic healing. I went to Susse with a chronic issue and by way of evaluation, treatment plans and follow-ups, she was able to help me diminish my pain and feel better in my body. I would recommend Susse to anyone looking for an expert natural health practitioner.”

Nicole Croes

Health Coach/Natural Foods Chef at Nikki's Healing Kitchen

Down-to-earth & practical advice

“I found Susse’s approach to be very practical and no-nonsense. I had visited naturopaths in the past who wanted to put me on long-term expensive treatment programs, which were difficult to understand and maintain. I felt that Susse kept it really simple, and encouraged me to address the deficiencies I was experiencing with mainly diet and lifestyle changes where possible. She gave me easy to understand information that enabled me to become more aware of how I can manage my symptoms more pro-actively. I would recommend Susse to anyone who Is looking for down-to-earth & practical advice on how to better manage their health naturally.”