Varicose veins

“Susse changed the way I think about health. I have changed my entire lifestyle through working with her and pay now more attention to my diet, exercise and wellbeing. I feel happier and more productive as a result and my health has improved significantly.”


Banking, London

Hormones and skin trouble

“I went to see Susse to find a way of balancing my hormone levels that were causing me lots of skin trouble. This is something I have struggled with for a while and talking about it can be overwhelming, but Susse was very sympathetic, easy to talk to and gave me a thorough and clear plan to follow. Several months later and after a few consultations I am still on track and managing quash unpredictable breakouts. Thanks Susse!”

Ella Cook

Actress, London

Healthier than I have ever been

“Personable and understanding, non-judgemental and incredibly knowledgeable in the field of natural medicine, Susse embodies the healer. I have worked with Susse for over a year and I know that with her help, I am healthier than I have ever been –  thank you Susse.”

R Chowdhury