Fevers, tinctures and wellbeing

“I first made contact with Susse because I was struggling to recover from a Dengue fever-like tropical illness.  She has a very reassuring manner, and the treatment included a custom made tincture and supplements which improved my symptoms more or less immediately.  I was both impressed and delighted, not least because I had been told by a tropical medicine expert that my symptoms would most likely carry on for several months.

Susse has helped me with other issues since, and I feel very lucky to be able to rely on her expertise, wisdom and holistic approach.  She addresses the problem very effectively, but improves general health and wellbeing in the process.  I would not hesitate to recommend her services”


TV Producer

Natural fertility & Pregnancy

Susse has had to become a regular fixture in my life over the last few years, poor her,  being  a part of every health decision I have made! She has given me in-depth diet and life-style plans: changing at each stage of the baby-making process (from first trying relentlessly to conceive, to trying desperately to keep it, then finally to sustaining a healthy body and mind for carrying, delivering and caring for a baby).  As well as this she has also been available to eradicate any worries and panics via a quick email, text message or phone call.  This level of  support feels literally life changing – someone to provide reassurance, someone to offer help, someone to show they care – it means a great deal on this journey (battle!) that can be conception!


Deputy Head of School, East London

Varicose veins

“Susse changed the way I think about health. I have changed my entire lifestyle through working with her and pay now more attention to my diet, exercise and wellbeing. I feel happier and more productive as a result and my health has improved significantly.”


Banking, London


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